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SkyToll has worked in the area of intelligent transport information systems capable of analysing and directing traffic anywhere in the world since 2008. As the first in the world, it was able to create a unique solution combining the advantages of several technologies - satellite GNSS location technology, microwave DSRC technology for short distance communication, and mobile GSM technology to communicate within mobile networks and apply it not only to motorways, expressways and first-class roads, but also lower-category roads. A significant advantage of satellite technology compared to other road charging technologies is the flexibility of implementing new requirements. It is capable of managing a future increase in traffic volume and the expansion of the road network. And this happens without the need of building a costly roadside infrastructure required for toll collection.



As of 1 January 2010, SkyToll has operated one of the most state-of-art electronic toll systems in the world, putting Slovakia among the leaders in electronic toll collection. The system covers the largest road network in the EU with over 17,611.2 kilometres of specified sections of motorways, expressways and first, second, and third-class roads.


On 2 December 2015, the Slovak Republic commissioned an electronic system for the collection and registration of electronic vignette payments for the use of specified sections of motorways and expressways. Putting the system of e-vignette payment collection and records in electronic form meant a change in the vignette form - paper motorway stickers replaced by vignettes in electronic form.
PRESS RELEASE 12. 04. 2018

SkyToll’s statement on winning the tender to operate the electronic toll system in the Czech Republic

SkyToll and CzechToll of the PPF Group welcome the decision of the Transport Ministry of the Czech Republic. The Ministry has decided on the tender winner for the new toll system operator in the Czech Republic. Following the resolution of objections […]
PRESS RELEASE 30. 06. 2017

As of 1 July the Network of specified road sections is changing

As of 01 July 2017 Decree of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic No. 172/2017 Coll. is introducing a new list of specified sections of roads with electronic toll collection. As of 1 July there will be 7 new specified […]
PRESS RELEASE 30. 12. 2016

As of 1 January 2017 toll rates for lorries weighing 12 t and more are going to be lower

As of 1 January the toll rates are going to be reduced for lorries with the maximum permissible weight 12 tons and more with the emission classes 0-II, III-IV. Bratislava, 30 December 2016 – The Government of the Slovak Republic by its […]
PRESS RELEASE 14. 10. 2016

On 15 October the network of the specified road sections will go through a complex change

As of 15 October a new specified road section shall be added to the R2 expressway on Bánovce n./Bebravou bypass Ruskovce - Pravotice with a length of 9.75 kilometres. Bratislava, 15 October 2016 – As of 15 October 2016 Decree of the Ministry of […]

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