Motorways and Roads

The application of modern technologies and progressive solutions is the only way for the government to get rid of problems caused by increasing traffic intensity in a quick and efficient manner. A high quality and developed infrastructure is a precondition for the continuous growth of the economy and at the same time provides commercial and non-commercial road users with value-added services that meet their needs and expectations.

We create progressive solutions for intelligent transport systems that bring benefits to users and the government. We already use a unique combination of technologies that is the basis of the intelligent transport systems of the future.

Automatic Incident Detection

The core capability of the Automatic Incident Detection (AID) System is to combine information from the exploited equipment to produce impeachable evidence of the detected incident at the output. It also implies that the system is closely related to laws in the target country.

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Consulting Services

System integration covers processes and procedures from gathering requirements, system and architecture design, interface definition, systems management, and solution development for the purpose of developing large-scale complex systems.

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National Wide Electronic Monitoring and Road Charging

We create progressive solutions for intelligent transport systems, benefiting both users and the government. Today we are already utilising a unique combination of technologies representing the basis for the intelligent transportation systems of the future.

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On 1 January 2010 the Slovak Republic commissioned one of the most state-of-the-art electronic toll systems, which puts Slovakia among the leaders in electronic toll collection worldwide.

The Contract on the Provision of the Complex Service of Electronic Toll Collection.

As of 1 January 2014 the satellite technology of the toll collection covered almost 17,770 km of Specified Road Sections in the Slovak Republic. Following the expansion of the toll system to all the roads of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd category, SkyToll operated the longest network of lower-category toll roads in the European Union covered by the ETC system. As of 1 September 2020, based on a decision of the government, the third-category roads ceased to be a part of the network of specified road sections and the expressways became a part of the motorways.

An electronic toll collection  system is a complicated information, communication and technological complex consisting of several information subsystems and a number of specific applications that ensure all operational processes of toll collection and enforcement.

SkyToll as the only contractor within the EU was able design, develop and commission a complete and fully operational electronic toll system in just 11 months.

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Our work is like a set of blocks – by joining various alternatives, inserting new ones and changing the arrangement of the existing ones, or their replacement for more modern ones, we always create an original and unique piece.

SkyToll’s electronic vignette solution charging for the use of motorways and expressways helps ensure that the main objectives of introducing a purely electronic form of vignettes – the more efficient collection of payments, ensuring the timely and complete payment of vignettes and increasing user comfort – are met.

In Slovakia, SkyToll succeeded in the tender by offering the most competitive price, enabling the government to reduce the cost of vignettes for passenger cars by up to 60%, while increasing the sales of vignettes by approximately 10%.

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On December 1, 2019, the Czech Republic commissioned a new electronic toll system by the consortium of SkyToll and CzechToll. The world’s first generational replacement of a toll system took place under full operation of the original system with no transport restrictions. Thanks to the new satellite toll system, the government’s operating expenses for toll collection decreased to one third. Investments in the new toll system were thus returned to the government in the form of significant savings from operation and increased toll collection on newly charged 1st category roads with a total length of 867 km already in the first year of its operation. 

In the Czech Republic, more than 2,400 kilometres of motorways and 1st category roads are currently subject to toll payment. The toll payment obligation applies to vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.

The consortium of Skytoll and CzechToll designed, built and commissioned a complete and fully operational electronic toll system within 14 months of signing the contract.

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