PRESS RELEASE      18. 01. 2021


  • SkyToll guarantees the price it offered in the tender for the system of electronic vignettes in Slovenia, its questioning in the media or by competitors is irrelevant
  • SkyToll presented a clear reference from the Slovak National Motorway Company: its system in Slovakia reduced the cost of electronic vignettes by 60% while increasing government revenues

Ljubljana , 18 January 2021 – SkyToll is concerned about the repeated questioning by some lobbyist-influenced media of the price and references in the offer for a new system of electronic vignettes in Slovenia. SkyToll quoted a final price (EUR 15.7 million) and provided clear references for the system it had built for the Slovak National Motorway Company. In addition, it also relies on experience from toll collection in the Czech Republic, where the SkyToll system reduced operating costs by two thirds and increased toll collection by 5 percent last year.

„I can responsibly say that we can operate the electronic vignette system in Slovenia for around EUR 15 million for construction and five years of operation. The question is whether the questioning of our references and price is rather a way to reject the SkyToll offer and instead open the door to an offer twice as high and legitimise such higher offer to Slovenian citizens,“ said Matej Okáli, SkyToll CEO.

In the Slovenian tender, SkyToll submitted a reference for the development and operation of the electronic vignette system in Slovakia. SkyToll built the system here in three months and launched on 1 January 2016. The SkyToll solution enabled the cost of charging passenger cars in Slovakia to decrease by 60 percent compared to the previous system – the printing of paper motorway vignettes. Revenues increased by 15 percent in 2016. Even in following years, sales revenue has grown steadily.

„We are ready to deliver Slovenia a system that will fully meet the requirements of the tender procedure. We offer proven cutting-edge technologies and minimal operating cost,“ said Matej Okáli, SkyToll CEO.

In recent months, SkyToll has proven the realistic nature of its price quotes and the quality of the system in the Czech Republic. In the consortium, the company won a tender for the construction and ten-year operation of a toll system for vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons. The world’s first generational replacement of a microwave toll system by cutting-edge satellite technology reduced operating costs to a third of the original sum. And this new system – even in the critical year of 2020 – collected 5 percent more in tolls than in 2019 in the Czech Republic.

SkyToll is one of the world’s leading toll collection players. It has more than a decade’s experience in the development and operation of toll systems, as well as pilot operations of new toll collection technologies, in countries throughout the world.

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