PRESS RELEASE      08. 07. 2024

VITRONIC, with the support of its sister company SkyToll, to supply Observation Services for the truck toll system in the Netherlands

Prague, July 8, 2024 – VITRONIC, part of ITIS Holding since May 2024, has been awarded a contract by the Netherlands vehicle authority RDW to supply the observation service for the new truck toll system. A subcontractor for parts of the solution is its sister company SkyToll. For ITIS Holding, this is the first significant victory in a public tender following the acquisition of the German company VITRONIC, and it also serves as an important reference in the field of large-scale solutions for intelligent transportation infrastructure.

VITRONIC will supply and install observation equipment, software, and data processing to enable RDW to check if trucks comply with the new rules connected with toll collection, which will take effect in 2026. SkyToll will be responsible for data processing and operational back office as part of the subcontract, implementing advanced enforcement-observation system based on cloud infrastructure.

„After the acquisition of VITRONIC, ITIS Holding has become a significant large-scale ITS provider. We have become one of the few companies in global markets capable of delivering all major components of systems for tolling, road safety, and the development of smart transportation infrastructure. We appreciate RDW’s trust and look forward to implementing this significant project,“ stated Matej Okali, CEO of ITIS Holding.

The obligation to pay tolls for trucks will be implemented in the Netherlands in 2026. All trucks operating within the country will have to be equipped with functioning on-board units (OBUs).

To ensure proper usage, VITRONIC’s equipment and SkyToll’s information system and back office will verify that passing trucks have operational OBUs. This process involves using ANPR cameras to recognize license plates, DSRC antennas to read the settings of the OBUs, and image recognition software to identify trucks. Both companies have committed to providing proven and reliable equipment, software, and services, backed by years of experience in several European countries.

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