Electronic Toll Collection

Electronic Toll Collection

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) is a smart solution for the collection of fees based on the use of various kinds of transportation infrastructure by all vehicles. ETC solutions need to be tailored for the specific requirements of the environment in which they are implemented, but they always have to be robust and reliable.

Electronic Toll Collection, often referred to as Electronic Road Pricing (ERP), is a solution for automated toll collection on roads, bridges, and tunnels. It allows the collection of tolls without the need to stop the vehicle, slow down or use a specific lane. The Multi Lane Free Flow (MLFF) allows drivers to use tolled infrastructure seamlessly and efficiently. ETC solutions use a combination of technologies such as global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), microwave (DSRC) or radio (RFID) communication, to identify vehicles and deduct tolls by the payment method chosen by the road user.

The successful implementation of ETC requires careful planning, public consultation, and collaboration between government authorities, transportation agencies, and stakeholders. When designed and executed effectively, ETC is a valuable tool for creating more efficient, sustainable, and liveable environments.

Main advantages

•  Congestion reduction

ETC can help alleviate traffic congestion as it functions in a multi-lane free-flow system and allows for adjustment of toll rates for busy areas and peak hours

•  Funding for infrastructure

Road charging through ETC generates revenue that can be used to improve and maintain transportation infrastructure

•  Traffic management

ETC solutions can provide valuable data on traffic volumes and patterns, allowing transportation authorities to make real-time, data-driven decisions to manage and optimise traffic

•  Promotion of sustainable transportation

ETC can incentivise the use of greener transportation options like electric vehicles, public transportation, or bicycles, as these options may be exempt from charges or charged lower rates

•  Equity and social benefits

ETC can be designed to provide discounts or exemptions for low-income individuals or residents in specific areas to ensure fair access to transportation

•  Customization and flexibility

ETC systems can be easily adjusted to respond to changing traffic conditions, road maintenance, or special events, offering flexibility in the management of road charging schemes

•  Future-proofing

As technology advances, ETC systems can adapt to incorporate emerging technologies, paving the way for more sophisticated road charging mechanisms

Key benefits for road users

• Seamless travel experience

ETC uses non-stop tolling to allow road users uninterrupted travel and reduced travel time, and to prevent waiting in toll queues

• Faster commutes

With ETC, road users experience quicker and smoother commutes as toll transactions are processed electronically to reduce congestion at toll plazas

• Fuel savings

Eliminating the need to stop at toll booths saves road users fuel costs and reduces environmental impact

• Convenient payment

ETC removes the need for cash payments and searching for loose change at toll booths. Users can prepay their toll fees or have their toll amounts deducted electronically to create a hassle-free payment process

• No toll booth interaction

Road users do not need to interact with toll booth operators, thereby reducing the risk of human error in toll collection and delivering a contactless payment experience

• Interoperability

ETC systems have a level of interoperability that allows a single transponder or user account to be used across multiple toll roads and facilities. This makes it more convenient for travellers who frequently use different tolled roads

•  Improved safety

ETC contributes to enhanced road safety by reducing potential traffic jams and congestion, which leads to a reduction in accidents in these areas

Leveraging our experience and expertise in the toll industry, we have created products that use different types of platforms and technologies for ETC and can be customised according to the specific needs of our customers.


For each of our customers, we always create a unique personalised solution that takes into account the requirements, conditions, resources, and environment in which it is implemented. A particular solution may include a combination of several technologies, for example, the use of GNSS for trucks and ANPR for passenger vehicles, or even a combination of ETC and conventional tolling systems using toll booths. We are constantly innovating our products to keep them state-of-the-art, and we use new technologies like Artificial Intelligence to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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